Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Technology and Etiquette

With Cell phones, iphones, smart phones, Blue tooth (or teeth???) There is hardly a place you can go where you don't see someone texting, talking or tweeting.

Me, I don't like talking on the phone while I'm shopping.  And I always find it confusing when I'm standing next to someone who seems to be talking to themselves.  I always have to look twice to see if they are talking to me.  And, I just find it to be rude when someone is at a check out counter, talking on the phone AND expecting the checker to discern whether the last thing they said was to them or to the unknown person on the other side of the customer's phone conversation.

Recently, we were having a family Christmas.  Rehashing old stories with new twists, catching up with loved ones that we don't spend enough time with, and making new memories.  Then I turned to see one of my relatives (who shall remain nameless) texting on their phone and they continued to text for quite some time. Or it may have been emailing . . . who knows? The point is . . . . Really??? Come on!

To me, it's the same kind of rudeness as speaking a foreign language, or whispering so as to exclude others.  I wanted to be like my 8th grade English teacher when she caught me passing a note, and say "Would you like to share that with the rest of the class?"

What could be SO important that it can't wait an hour or so?  What part of our newest technology excuses bad manners? 

I'm pretty sure each and everyone of these wonderful new gadgets has an OFF button.  I think it should be utilized a little more often.

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