Thursday, January 20, 2011

R.I.P. Teddy

A little background:  "Bear" is our little/big dog.  He's about 9 lbs and he has a favorite passtime.  His passtime is Teddy and he absolutely adores her.  Then we have Levi - He's a lab who weighs in at about 105 lbs, and he knows that he is not allowed to touch Teddy. (Bear's rule, not ours).  We also get a visitor dog from time to time, and his name is Chance.  He is a lab mix and belongs to one of my adult daughters.  Chance doesn't understand the "teddy rule".  Though Bear tries very hard to enforce it, Chance thinks it's a game.  Well, the game ended this very day.  Please see the video.


  1. all honesty...Bear had a Teddy addiction that probably wasn't very healthy. I mean, he was OBSESSED with Teddy, in a way that is usually against the law! Teddy is in a better place. Now, if only Dudley could find his Barney....he's so lost without him.