Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Miracle of Birth - Lily the Black Bear

Last year I stumbled across this website and became obsessed with watching a black bear (Lilly) Wintering in her den. It was suspected that she would give birth to her first cub. I was one of the lucky 9 thousand or so to witness it live! What a joy. Here's the video:

I then became transfixed by the opportunity to see this little black bear cub (Hope) growing: Then to see her frolic with her mother throughout the summer.

Fast forward to 364 days later. Lily & Hope are back in the den, it's 20 degrees below zero outside, and Lily gives birth again - This time it's Twins!

What a wonderful opportunity to see how nature works and to learn more about the black bear.

Dr. Lynn Rogers is the person who is heading up this study, and he has dedicated his life to this mission. To see more amazing videos and read the trials and tribulations, go to

It is simply mesmerizing!

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