Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The First Step is Admitting That You Have a Problem ...

Hi. My name is Sandie and I am a Dr. Phil's Housewives addict.
(Audience: "Hi Sandie")

It all started when I saw the first episode. I've heard it said that "it only takes one time." But I didn't believe it. I thought I could just watch casually. Oh how wrong I was.

At first it was just for fun, and something to do. Then I started looking forward to each episode with such anticipation. Suddenly, I couldn't get enough! Each Tuesday at 2:45, I'd turn the t.v. on and wait . . . giddy, like a child who could hear the ice cream truck from a block away. I'd count the minutes. Then when the show started, I'd curse the commercials. The high was beyond my comprehension! I'd turn off the ringer on my phone from 3:00 - 4:00 and wouldn't even answer it if my Mother called. The minutes flew by like micro seconds, and then . . . the hour was over. Oh how I craved Tuesday afternoons!

My DVR was full. My Husband wanted me to record OTHER shows, but I'd pretend to forget just so I wouldn't lose any episodes of the Housewives. (the shame).

My addiction became apparent when the housewives went on break for the full month of December. Each Tuesday between 3 & 4, I felt as if I'd lost my best friend.

When January came I was SO excited. Finally, the advertisings promised their return on January 11th. That day, I turned the t.v. on and waited. My palms were sweaty, my phone was shut off. 3:00 came and . . . "WHAT!?! WHERE ARE THE HOUSEWIVES?!?!" I yelled at the t.v., I paced the house! I checked the internet! "WHERE ARE THE HOUSEWIVES!?!?" I "liked" them on facebook, but it wasn't enough!

Now today, hungover and coming down from their live show yesterday, I once again anticipate next Tuesday.

I am an addict!

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