Monday, January 24, 2011

For It

A young woman with her world upside down
Daddy's little girl felt all alone
she kept remembering how he'd tell her each night
She was a special blessing and his shining light.

He'd say
Your Mama loved you from the moment she knew
the love we made made her dreams come true
Though her health got bad, she refused to let go
Until the day I brought you home.

Your Mama didn't just say she loved you
She lived for it

A few years later daddy was called to duty
Tearfully kissing his little beauty
fighting for freedom on a distant shore
till an officer came knockin at the door

He said
Your Daddy loved you more than you knew
He told us many times all about you
The battle got bad, but he fought till dawn
And now with honor, we bring him home

Your Daddy didn't just want a better world for you
He gave his life for it

Now as a teenager spiteful, hungry and cold
A runaway with no one to hold
Stopped at a church to get out of the rain
was met by the pastor who saw her pain

He said
Your Father Loves you more than you know
He promised that he will never let go
He's with you today and he wants you to know
He'll be with you now and until you come home

You see your father didn't just say he loved you
He lived and died for it

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