Monday, February 21, 2011

A letter to Tianna & My soon to be Son-in-law

My Darling Baby Girl,
Here we are, only hours from your wedding day, and I just wanted to let you know how very proud I am of you.  You are such a beautiful, responsible young lady with drive and determination and I am a lucky woman to have you as my daughter.
I wish with every ounce of my being that I could be with you on this, one of the most memorable days of your life, and I am so sorry that I can’t be.   But I am definitely there with you in spirit.
You’ve always been so steadfast and looking forward.  From the time you were just a baby you’ve had that drive.  If you didn’t want to smile, you didn’t.  If you didn’t want to cry, you didn’t.  If you disagreed with something, you were sure to let me know. 
I believe with all of my heart that you are doing exactly what you want to be doing, and for that I am proud of you and happy for you.
I know you’ll be one of the most beautiful brides that ever walked down the isle, or up the beach.
May God watch over you and Lee throughout your lives and bless you far beyond your wildest dreams.

Dear Lee, My Soon to be Son-in-Law,
In just hours you will take one of my most precious and treasured gifts as your wife and along with her, you will gain our family. (Though truly, you’ve been a valued member for years)
We are very proud of the two of you and love you like a son and a friend.
You’ve had some very difficult times in your  young life and you’ve grown to be an upstanding man with a great character.  I know that your Mom is so proud of you and I am extremely happy that she will be there to witness your vows.
The two of you will face trials in your life together, but I am confident that your love will see you through and the two of you will triumph. 
The one piece of advice that I offer the two of you is to Always lift each other up, and never bring each other down.
May God watch over you and Tia throughout your lives and bless you far beyond your wildest dreams.


  1. Where's the tissues????????? Blessings on your special day Tia and Lee, from Dean and I.

  2. Yes, tissue please! I'm wondering why I chose to read this in the library at uniform. Very Sweet letter!